Pricing Customer Service


Customer Service pricing per 3 seats


Discount for groups and institutional pricing

Ask about scripted prompts!

Cancel anytime


Website global chat across-language, easy to install


Adds website click-to-talk
in your language and
across languages


Adds click-to-talk link URL
for emails, SMS, PDF, PPT

Master Agent

Personal database, scripted conversation,
or summon human interpreter

Website Link for visitors to click that anyone can install

Visitor can chat in own language, translated for the Agent

Agent Anywhere (you can provide customer service from any device)

Visitor hears the chat in own language as well as reads

When agent speaks,  the agent's voice turns into chat

Agent personal Voice Profile

Customer may choose to speak by tapping on their device's microphone icon

Visitor and agent may speak using TYWI's
Cloud Recognition

Personal translation dictionary

Link to insert into emails and SMS for Click-to-Talk across languages

Interface for customizing scripted and pre-translated phrases

Personal speech dictionary for agent's cloud recognition

Save conversation to database. Export reports, and transcriptions

Sold Separately

Sold Separately

Sold Separately

Ability to summon an interpreter (human) and pay by the minute, only 1 Master needed per small group of agents.

$1.50 per min. major languages (high volume lowers price)


Bronze Service

$39.00 per month

Silver Service

$49.00 per month


$59.00 per month

  Master Agent
   $99.00 per month