Pricing Voice Translation


Personal Pricing Automatic Voice Translation



Discount for groups of 3+

Enterprise pricing

Cancel anytime

Basic TYWI

Voice-to-subtitles and chat


Adds voice-to-voice

Advanced TYWI

Adds audio conferencing

Master TYWI

Adds vocabulary controls + option to pre-translate phrases + small group option

Across-language typing and chatting

Audience chat-back across languages

Question-answer several languages on 1 device

Voice-to-Subtitles with Dragon, MS Speech, Apple, and mobile device
speech recognition

Voice-to-Subtitles with Cloud Speech Recognition

Personal Voice Profile

(TTS text-to-speech)

Voice-to-Voice with
Cloud Recognition

Personal Translation Dictionary

Export Transcriptions

Interface for Customizing Pre-Translated Phrases


Personal Speech Dictionary for Cloud Recognition

Built-in Audio Conferencing

Save to database, Transcriptions, Editing capability, plus export subtitle files for YouTube, DVDs, and Web Videos

Advanced Automatic Translation Vocabulary


Basic TYWI

$49.00 per month

Cancel anytime










$59.00 per month

Cancel anytime









Advanced TYWI

$69.00 per month

Cancel anytime









Master TYWI

$99.00 per month

Small Group TYWI

$199.00 mo. for

small groups of users

Cancel anytime