Speech Translation Software Version 2


Translate Your World Launches Groundbreaking Software for Across-Language Conversation in 25 Languages

Language barriers are shattered by the first complete software for real-time conversation between people of different languages.  Just go to a webpage and talk.

Anyone can speak dozens of languages - instantly!


Translate Your World, developers of across-language communication software, announces the availability of its new software for anyone to converse in real-time across 25 different languages.   There has never been anything like Translate Your World.  Just go to a webpage and talk.  The words of each speaker are instantly translated into other languages to appear as subtitles or be heard as an attractive synthesized computer voice. 

“We invite the entire world to test Translate Your World for free.  Easily converse globally with family, friends, and business colleagues.  Use it to learn another language or communicate with the hearing-impaired,” say Sue Reager, the company’s president.  “Translate Your World is not a replacement for an old way to communicate, it is an brand new way to bring the world together to share ideas, especially including people with whom it may have been difficult or impossible to converse in the past.  Translate Your World makes global conversation an everyday reality.”

Technically, Translate Your World is a mission control center that unites great side-software by the giants of technology including Microsoft, Google, Nuance, SDL, ReadSpeaker, SIMS, Yandex, WebRTC and many more to function harmoniously and empower the world to bridge the language barrier.  Translate Your World provides users with access to the best language features of each technology.  Many of these software are found in personal devices but have rarely if ever been used – until now.

TYWI Version 1 was a one-to-many software for webinars and conferences, producing instant captions and instant translated subtitles for events.   The previous Version 1 of the software translated what one person said, but not what the other person replied.  With the new Version 2, almost anyone can talk and be understood.  Whether on web conferencing like Skype, Webex, Adobe Connect, Google Hangout, or tablets and smartphones, the entire conversation is translated and there is communication.  Moreover, people of many languages can speak together at the same time, all in their native tongues, while the subtitles flow in the language of each participant.  And the speed of the computerized voices that speak the translations has been greatly improved over Version 1, with only a slight delay following the original spoken words.

Sign up to test TYWI for free at:  http://www.TranslateYourWorld.com/signup/en/

And for more information go:  http://www.TranslateYourWorld.com

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Translate your World (“TYW”) develops numerous online web software that function in dozens of languages with voice and text. The Translate Your World suite includes applications for international web events, global mobile applications, media subtitling, and across-language conversation.