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Tywi-Vox Web Conferencing and Communication

The perfect solution for webinars, meetings, employee communication, and customer service across multiple languages, TyWi-Vox bundles into one all of the TyWi features plus cool options for collaboration, across-language mail, and group conversation. You can use the features you want whenever you need.

     -   Speech and conversation translated into 78 languages in real time 
     -   Provides instant captions for the deaf and audio for the blind
     -   Share audio, video, desktop, camera, files and more
     -   Insert on your own website or use ours
     -   Invite a few participants or hundreds of attendees
     -   Convert one accent to another (e.g. Indian to UK)
    -   Control quality and accuracy
     -   Stream human simultaneous interpreters
     -   Add enhancements like telephone and groups


"I'm very excited to share this more broadly across the company to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our communications with our global partners."
-- General Mills

"These advancements slash the previous high costs associated with global training and significantly increase communication, while bringing inclusion to everyone."

-- MyConsultant Inc

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International Communication Simplified

That’s why TyWi-Vox was created, to simplify international communication and include the hearing and visually impaired in day-to-day business conversation. Without any complex preparation and without downloading or installing extra software, TyWi-Vox automatically translates speaking voices and chat-text into 78 languages. Plus TyWi-Vox generates captions and braille.  TyWi-Vox also creates voice-to-voice translation for conferences, webinars, and smartphones. After a session, TyWi-Vox can export transcripts and subtitle text files. And most importantly, TyWi-Vox can be used with other applications like Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Cisco, and other conferencing applications.

Many companies have requested an all-in-one solution.  They’ve requested built-in voice translation and captions that automatically launch, as well as full normal web conferencing capabilities. TyWi-Vox has responded to those requests and more.  We’ve added collaboration tools through partner Voxeet, renowned for its creation of HD quality streaming audio at low bandwidth.  The TyWi-Vox package becomes a complete web conferencing application with desktop, audio, video, camera and file share, plus all of the TyWi’s text and voice translation features.

Mobile communication

Tywi-Vox is the "interpreter" that automatically converts speech and text to and from the recipient's language. With Tywi-Vox you can talk and type-chat on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a person who speaks a different language, and that person can talk and type-chat to respond. Tywi-Vox adds a mobile environment whose design and usage is similar to Skype’s interface with its ability to engage, type-chat, speak, control contact lists, and sharing.  But rather than opening an application to talk to someone, with the Tywi-Vox app all you have to do is click a link in an email, a signature, text, website, or any other hyperlink, and communication instantly begins. The partnership of Tywi with Voxeet means excellent internal communication between employees of a company, across-language "in-mail", real time translated meetings, and makes multi language customer service and tech support a hassle free experience.

Quality Control

TyWi-Vox is synonymous with Quality Control. We’ve built in a choice of 78 languages using 6 different translation software, a selection of 5 speech recognition engines, and engaging,  human-like computer voices in 45 languages. We offer voice profiles that “learn” a user's speech patterns and nuances, and personal speech dictionaries permit correction of mis-recognized and mis-pronounced words.  Industry specific translation dictionaries, plus dictionaries for corporate and personal terminology greatly impact quality.  And the TyWi-Vox proprietary Context Engine is designed to improve results from automatic translation software.  Lastly, TyWi-Vox incorporates simultaneous interpretation software to enable United Nations style real-time human interpretation.  Use your interpreters or ours, anywhere in the world.


TyWi-Vox has implemented extremely powerful security features, and we will be pleased to share the details with your IT team. In addition to the many features added specifically for security, Tywi-Vox can also be placed on your own website and server, giving your team total control over privacy and corporate security. 

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