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Automatic Captions, Subtitles, Transcription,
and Translated Narration for Media Professionals



When TYWI is Most Useful

Not everyone has the budget for professional subtitles, and many videos have short shelf-life.  Some video streamers need subtitles and even translated narration on the fly and on-demand, plus need ways to achieve highest quality possible with automation.  Other pro's need subtitles quickly or in too many languages to wait or afford captioners.  Some have massive libraries for which professional captions are insanely expensive, and TYWI saves a fortune.  Many videographers have mountains of footage needing quick transcription and approximate timecodes, saving hours of video conversion, uploading, forwarding, and outsourcing.  These are the times when TYWI shines - for as little as $10 per hour and a free trial!


TYWI (abbreviation for "Translate Your World International") generates automatic captions in the video's original language using a variety of speech recognition software.  Then the captions are automatically translated using TYWI's built-in automatic translation software.  TYWI differs vastly from other automatic software in that it offers broad professional controls to increase and improve quality and usefulness including:

-  Automatic transcription of spoken words in caption format
-  Nothing to download or install
-  Processes any audio/video played on laptop/desktop
-  Saves timestamp with each caption in database
-  Has 6 Translation software covering 78 languages
-  Real-time viewing of captions and translated subtitles
-  Ways to correct errors in recognition of words and phrases
-  Ways to improve automatic translation
-  Export-import options for SRT and DVD authoring files
-  Export-import options for text files, MS Word, and Excel
-  Ways to modify, edit, and re-load
-  Feature to create Voice Profiles for repeat voices
-  API for use by video streamers

Professional Captions vs. Live Subtitles

The original TYWI is created for speakers who use a microphone to address international audiences such as webinars or conferences.   The subtitles produced by TYWI are called "live subtitles".  This is to distinguish them from "professional captions". 

"Live subtitles" differ in that they are really simultaneous interpretation in the style of the United Nations.  So the length of a live subtitle will ebb and flow with the breathing pattern of the speaking voice in the video.  TYWI absorbs the voice directly from the video narrator or speaker and turns that voice into subtitles. 

Professional captions (expensive) are perfect to the frame.  A human creates them laboriously, marking the timecode at the beginning and end of each subtitle, dividing lines into 31 characters per line, and performing other actions to make the subtitles perfect.  If you have the money, professional subtitles are excellent, and Translate Your World can certainly help you.  We have a team of captioners and some of the finest business and technical translators in the world.

Automatic Translation

If "professional captions" are thrown through automatic translation, the results are often extremely poor, and potentially unusable.  "Live subtitles" look different, because they are created each time the speaker breathes.  So, "live subtitles"  are generally longer, and have a higher chance of  intelligible automatic translation. 

TYWI provides a feature that will shorten the subtitles, if you desire.  The timing of live subtitles is more like interpretation, and not as precise as captioning.  The text is in the general area of the original spoken words, of course, but never perfect.  Speech recognition software is not as perfect as a human captioner.  

TYWI enables the media pro to correct consistent speech recognition errors.  For example in creating subtitles for an Autodesk animation instructional video on YouTube, the word "rigging" was consistently misunderstood as "Ricky".  When a correction was dropped into TYWI, the transcription and translation improved immediately, and was applied to other Autodesk videos on the same subject.  The caption text can also be reviewed and modified before sending through TYWI translation. 


As mentioned, normal TYWI is used with microphones (audio "input").  But most media pro's have their content online or on their hard drive.  When played, the videos become audio "output".  We at Translate Your World had to find a way to turn "output" audio into microphone "input" and then guide that input into TYWI.   Doing this turned out to be extremely complex, and these complexities are related to the various devices, not to our TYWI software.  We call this output>input app "TYWI To-Go".

TYWI To-Go is not as effective as the original TYWI.   With the original, the speaker learns to speak more clearly and in shorter sentences, making automatic captions and subtitles easier.  TYWI To-Go tries to decipher speech by people who are talking to native-language audiences without consideration for possible subtitles.  Also M&E and other noise interfere with results.  

Clarity of pronunciation is enormously important.  Having an accent is often fine – it is the clarity of pronunciation that is important.  Users have reported creating subtitles watching talk television and within the same program one person’s speech created almost flawless subtitles while another person’s voice created ridiculous subtitles.  And music often obscures spoken words.  That is why we provide so many ways for you to improve the results.  You will need them, and you will not find them anywhere else.


PC versus Mac

We are huge Mac fans, however you will achieve best results in automation using PC.  Mac offers Soundflower, but it is not currently working well on Yosemite, and on other Mac OS the results are not as good as with our TYWI To-Go app.  Use laptop or desktop or Samsung or Android mobile devices.  Below are the instructions for downloading and using TYWI To-Go followed by the 3 choices: 
-  TYWI's Cloud Recogntion (most popular and nothing to download or install)
-  Dragon (PC or Mac downloaded desktop software from
-  Soundflower for Mac

TYWI To-Go for PC

Click here to download TYWI To Go. Follow the instructions in the PDF in the download, but keep this page open because you may want the below video instructions. Go:  Start a free account and wait for email verification. Then, follow the instructions in this video. Login:  Set the input language (top field) to the language of the video or conference, and the output language (subtitles and TTS) to the language you want.   The subtitles are saved to database along with the time and can be exported as SRT, Adobe Encore, DVD Studio Pro, MS Word, Excel, and text files.

TYWI Cloud Speech Recognition (most popular)
(included in Translate Your World)

Dragon by  approx $150
(the "king" of speech recognition)

Mac Laptop

There are software for Macintosh that do what TYWI To-Go does - specifically Soundflower.   However our new TYWI-To-Go for PC is actually better than Soundflower for Mac (how rare is that?).   Click here to download Soundflower.   Soundflower does not appear to function perfectly on Yosemite.  We assume it will be upgraded soon.   Then go:  Start a free account and wait for email verification.  Then login at:  Once inside TYWI software, select Cloud Recognition from the "Talk or Chat" dropdown and follow the instructions.  Set the input language (top field) to the language of the video or conference, and the output language (subtitles and TTS) to your language.  Set Soundflower microphone to "2-channel" (on most laptops).  If you need better results and you have a PC laptop or desktop available, the PC version of "TYWI-To-Go" may achieve better results than Soundflower.  We are waiting - and hoping - that an improved Soundflower will help our software understand videos.